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What is your driveway size?

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What's Included:

  • All packages have unlimited clearings
  • Driveway clearing
  • Front sidewalk clearing
  • Sand on ice spots
  • 10% Discount for ages 65+
  • Dispatch at 2cm (~1 inches)
  • Multiple visits during heavy snow falls
  • Return after town plows to clear windrow
  • We are FULLY licensed and insured
  • Our Equipment:

    Toro PowerClear 721 Single Stage Snowblower

    Toro PowerClear 721

    Top of the line single stage snow blower featuring rubber paddles that make contact with your driveway, with zero damage.

    The SnowPlow UHMW snow shovel

    The SnowPlow Shovels

    Top-of-the-line shovels, with a UHMW polyethylene blade. This means it is tough on snow and ice but gentle on surfaces, be it asphalt, concrete, interlock, flagstone, or wood.

    Our Service Area:

    Wasaga Beach Snow Removal Service Area. From 45th to Vigo Rd.

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    To book snow removal, or for further information regarding our snow clearing services, please feel free to contact us.