Woodland Beach Landscaping Project

Random flagstone patios, in-ground fire pit, armour stone retaining wall

Before landscaping Retaining wall & natural stone steps Before landscaping Random flagstone patio with firepit Before landscaping Random flagstone stepping stones

Project Features:
  • Removal of over 30 tree stumps
  • Random Flagstone Stepping Stones
  • In-ground Fire Pit with permanent armour stone seating
  • Large random flagstone patios
  • Emerald cedar hedge
  • Hicksii Yew hedge
  • Armour stone retaining wall
  • Random natural stone steps
  • Grading
  • River rock
  • Sod
A beautiful large property on the water that had been neglected and over run with trees. The home owners had cut down the majority of trees prior to our project start date. A significant amount of tree stumps and garbage was removed and over 60 yards of quality top soil brought in. An armour stone retaining wall with natural stone steps was created off of the driveway towards the back yard and has a random flagstone stepping stone path leading to the back deck. A very large firepit area was created with an in-ground firepit, and permanent armour stone seating. There was room between each armour stone seat to comfortably fit a muskoka chair, giving enough room to comfortably seat 8. We also created a very large random flagstone patio for their outdoor dining area with random flagstone stepping stones towards the beach